1Haunted Buggy: Primal Fear!!!

As you load into your two person cart, the hair on the back of your neck begins to stand up. Your primal fear kicks in as the carts move slowly through the fields, past the old tool barn, then into the swamp. From there it’s on to the ghostly children’s playground, next, the barnyard where the animals are sounding off, you can actually feel the fear in the air. You are just beginning your journey, there’s no turning back. Just close your eyes and maybe you can make it back safely.

2Haunted Hayride: Stranger Things!!!

Stranger Things are happening around the farm these days and the hayride road takes you straight through the middle of it. Along the way you will encounter a Zombie Apocalypse area, we will try to get you through without being bitten. There is also a stop along the way by an insane asylum, as well as passing through the old cemetery where there have been sightings of the super natural. Many more surprises await you along the way, hope you make it back.

3Haunted Barn: Scary Tales!!!

This self-guided tour will take you through a series of scary tales that will have you sleeping with one eye open at night. This walk will take you into the Morgue, Autopsy Room, A terrifying walk over a bottomless pit, and down into a dark cellar with a friend called “IT”. If there is something that scares you, rest assured it will be in the Haunted Barn. Good Luck

4Haunted Forest: Creatures of the Dark!!!

As your unguided group walks through the field of head high switchgrass heading towards the forest, you begin to hear sounds of terror waiting for you. But first you must make it past the old box truck in the middle of the field as well as the abandoned trailer. The trail itself is filled with creatures lurking in the dark. The red balloon tied to the tree is a warning that “IT” is watching you. By far, this is the most intense event we have ever put on here to date.